Monday, November 13, 2006

A Quick Story

I'm in Sweden,where the people seem to embrace both the cold and the semi-permanent state of darkness like a badge of honor.Luckily,I've been here enough times to come prepared-I've packed extra sweaters for the cold and my coal-miner's helmet for reading......OK,a brief,and strangely endearing,story about Benny Goodman....
I was eating lunch with Benny Goodman at the Carnegie Deli while he suffered through a reporter's questions.Finally,the reporter asked,"Benny,did you ever have any nick-names when you were a kid?"Benny pondered on this for a moment,started giggling (he was a great giggler),and said,"Well,some people called me the king of swing!"I don't know why I find that so charming,but it hopefully captures a different side of Benny than one finds in the books....
Enough for now-take care-Ken


Anonymous Jon-Erik said...

Love it!

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